Justin Brennan-Artist Statement & Bio

Justin Brennan Artist Statement and Biography 2017

In my paintings I allow myself to be influenced by what or who surrounds me, bypassing self-censoring thought. The work focuses mainly on day-to-day interactions and relationships. The subjects of these interactions are portrayed with ambiguity and anonymity.  The aim is to express raw emotion via spontaneous creativity without analytical prodding. Some of the variables that directly effect the work during this process are glimpses of clarity, moments of struggle and the availability of material.  The focus or result of this process spans anywhere from straightforward to elusive. I take the complex and clarify it, while allowing the viewer to take away whatever they choose.
Justin Brennan is a contemporary abstract painter and mixed media artist. He lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. Justin has always been interested in art but became serious about his practice in 2005. Mostly self taught, he has relied on trial and error throughout his learning process.
  Justin’s art work is in many private collections throughout the U.S. and and has been mentioned or featured in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Scene Magazine,The Sandusky Register and Canvas Magazine. Justin continues to exhibit in solo, two person and juried shows throughout the region. He is represented by HEDGE Gallery located in West 78th Street Studios, where is studio is also located

Contact: justincredable3030@yahoo.com

§ 9 Responses to Justin Brennan-Artist Statement & Bio

  • Thom Rossino says:

    Nice site, J-Man. Hope you are well. Keep up the good work!

    -Sweet Thom

  • colleen says:

    Hi Justin!

    I love to view your artwork. Thank you for creating these paintings— I am hoping to be the happy owner of a painting very soon!

    have a super duper day

    joy and love

  • Pamela says:

    have nominated you for the Liebster award (thingybob)! here you go

  • It’s interesting how people want you to explain what it all means, why did you make this mark etc. I’ve just started to make abstract work and like what you do.

  • Fiona Marron says:

    Hi Justin it was a joy to look at your paintings. Thanks for putting so many up.

  • Jim Foster says:

    I like your work a lot – it keeps going with such intensity. You might try painting on Plexiglas and turning it around for the presentation on other side. Or do some film and movie works. I ride a bike every day and notice when I ride around noon the sun is shining down on white stripe on highway to create a reflections that bounces up and irregularities in the reflective system create a little movie image as I’m traveling- you might use this approach with brushed color -on film?

  • Ana says:

    Hi Justin. Just took a long look at your work, You definitely have captured a lot of raw emotion and feelings in your body of work. I like that you have incorporated many mediums to create your pieces and that you have allowed yourself the freedom just to create. I noticed you seem to use a limited color palette in many of your pieces. Thank you for sharing, I do not have a website at the moment, but if you would like to see my work, you can find me at Ana Hurm Artist at Large on FB, I woud appreciate your comments as well.

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